Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Zinc Spark - The First State of Consciousness Now Uncovered - what I call the Spark of Life - Now Proven Scientific Discovery

New evidence of my theory has surfaced in the last few years.  Researchers have now discovered something called 'The Zinc Spark and what I call 'The Spark of Life'.

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At the point of conception of all mammals, including humans of course, there is a release of light from 15 - 18 billion Zinc atoms and all of it within about ten minutes after the sperm penetrates the egg and the human is created. The Spark of Life produces you and everyone else. 

This is very exciting news because it validates the fact that the 1st State of Consciousness, the Electronic is clearly introduced into our beings at this precise moment.  The Electronic state of Consciousness, at this point in our lives induces the next state of Consciousness, the Rotational State.  We now have photographs of the actual event.   

 The moment of conception

The above is an actual photograph of the event when the Electronic State of Consciousness is transferred into the human animal, actually, actually into all mammals because all mammals derive from eggs seen above.  (I believe all living things experience the 4 states of Consciousness, not just mammals.  We have yet to have evidence of anything other than in mammals, however.)

The energy from the 'Zinc Spark' is transferred all around the egg and starts the 'Rotational State of Consciousness all within minutes from conception.  The Vibrational State of Consciousness happens as the animal is old enough to perceive the universe around him or her via the five sense organs.  Our resonating to the music of the universe in ways to be discussed, produces the third state of Consciousness, the Vibrational State.  The Vibrational State of Consciousness, in the final stage of the closed loop of energy flowing around in the universe induces the 4th and final state of Consciousness - The Feedback Loop. 
The Feedback Loop state of Consciousness is your awareness of this book, and all other events in your life as you report them back to the Source of your energy, the Creator.  Whoever, or whatever the Creator is or where he hangs out is not the subject of this book. 

We can infer that a Creator exists because the design of the universe as discussed here is a simple circuit through which all Consciousness must flow and the end result is a form of Consciousness which wants to give 'Feedback' to the universe almost everything it is experiencing.  This is the 'Feedback Loop' and is the strongest evidence that some one or some thing invented the Laws of Physics for the sole purpose of creating this system of learning about what has been created by those who were created by these electronic circuits, and at the ultimate end of the process of Creation can even create circuitry that mimics those of the Creator. 

In a follow-on book to this one, I explore the possibilities of using the energy that is produced by the Electronic State or - 'Maxtricity'.  This book can be found at - 'Maxtricity.com'.  It's an excellent follow up to the information you are gathering here.

AND for anyone who DOUBTS Quantum Entanglements - This Article in Scientific American puts the finishing touches on whether or not Einstein was correct to doubt it.  He was not correct.  Quantum Entanglements are PROVEN and our next generation of the Quantum Internet will bring it all home.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

New Consciousness Taking Over The Planet

You'll want to pay attention to the new Global Consciousness taking control NOW . . .

Have you ever wondered about who is behind that voice in your head that you think is 'YOU'?
And, where do all the events come from that rule over your life?

What is the universe made of?

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Maxtricity - Maximum Electrical Potential - Coming Soon to a Quantum Physics lecture near you.

Quantum Physics to ANNOUNCE the Basis of MAXTRICITY



The Science of Entangled Electrons


If you were available to help Nicola Tesla make his form of electricity become accepted over Edison's form of electricity would you have GIVEN the GUY a GOOD REVIEW?  

This is all we ask for NOW - We need Maxtricity to Replace the older, slower, less efficient form of Electricity that WASTES ALL OF THE EARTH'S RESOURCES



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FIRST there were protons.  Then, neutrons, then electrons and quarks.  Welcome to the age of the MAXTRONS ~

Prepare Now - Read previous work today

Looking backwards in time, Maxtricity evolved from my earlier work in Electron Learning

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Previous to 'Can Electrons Learn' I wrote - The 4 States Of Consciousness, which actually should be read FIRST of these THREE in the series.

However, if you are like me and want to jump ahead to the BEST CONCLUSIONS that an author can make - Read MAXTRICITY FIRST and in a way - the 4 States of Consciousness makes more sense.

The 4 States of Consciousness Course published today by Michael Mathiesen on Udemy

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Thursday, December 22, 2016

4 States of Consciousness - inspired a new larger work - Uber Religion - Expletives Deleted.

People ask - Where is the PROOF?  Now there soon will be PROOF - A Call to the Top Physicists of the world.


This book will BLOW your MIND - Review This Book and Lose Your Drug or Alcohol Addiction - A TOTAL NATURAL HIGH ~

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Previous Works

Newer Improved Version of my Original 4 States of Consciousness - Uber Religion Just Released

Based on the 4 States of Consciousness - Do the Old-Time Religions hold water TODAY?

Since Marijuana has become legal in dozens more states recently - and since opiates of one kind or another are now PRESCRIBED to over HALF of the American POPULATION - this book may represent the new 'Higher Consciousness' better than any other.  It may also be the first book that millions of us should read when stoned.  I have come to this conclusion because the science that I've included is best viewed from a completely open mind where one's Consciousness is raised to the highest state you can manage.  And, when an individual is high on Cannabis, there really is no higher state of Consciousness that can be achieved, at least for most of us.  Some will say that this suggestion puts this book out of bounds for anyone under the age of twenty-one, the official legal age in most states that have legalized Marijuana and I would have to agree that this may be a hurdle for anyone who has not yet attained the legal age of consent.  But, if you are old enough to imbibe in an area where this herb is legal to use, I would recommend you do so before opening up the first page.  If not, I advise you to wait to reach the legal age, or if you are unfortunate enough to live in a state that has not yet made the magic herb available, I advise you to move to a state that has in order to read this book in the proper frame of mind.  

I am introducing this psychotropic element into my work at this point because I believe that the concepts in this work need to be ingested quickly and appreciated fully by a large number of our population as possible or else all may be lost.  I believe that in order to reach the speed necessary to avert a total disaster, we need to open the powers of perception of this critical number of people, the vast majority of us need to be as high as we can get.  Only in this state will most of us be able to wrap our heads around the fact that everything in the universe is conscious of itself, including all parts of the sub-atomic world.

The truth is that Science has recently discovered the God Particle, the most basic and fundamental wave of energy that there is and the fact that sub-atomic particles have "Super-Memory" or Consciousness of their place in the universe.  This Revolutionary new book is all about a potential New Religion - Uber Religion based on the 4 States of Consciousness now a Scientifically Proven Paradigm.  When you realize how you are connected to the universe in this way - composed of the tiniest things in the universe that compose everything else - you will be amazed and the knowledge of this phenomenon will rock your world.  And without the aid of the psychotropic nutrients, I don't believe that most of you will get it all in time to save us all.

If you have ever wondered if there is a God, what path he wants you to take, how you as a living entity are constructed from the tiniest forms of Consciousness right on up to your own, where you have come from and where you may be going in your life and what role destiny and fate play in all of this - this is the book for you.  The most amazing thing about all of the latest scientific evidence, by the way, is that it is truly very easy to understand.  This, in itself, is mind-blowing.  None of this information is difficult to understand because the author has done bent over backwards to make these somewhat complex ideas of Quantum Physics and Evolution very easy to grasp with no more than a High School Education necessary to see into the most incredible and amazing realms out there from the infinitely small to the infinitely big.

Besides using the magic herb to enhance your abilities of perception, you may also want to pick up some Uber Religion related apparel, gifts and other items at our web site - www.UberRelgion.com - to help promote these ideas to the general public as well as a memory aid to yourself.  Ideas like these need to be nurtured, cultured and aged in the mind before they reach their ultimate potency in your brain.  If you don't choose to get high on the herb, you can use the ingredients in this book to achieve the same results in your mind.  For most of us, it may be a little more work - that's all.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

My Latest Work Based on the 4 States of Consciousness

MY LATEST BOOK - YELPOCRACY puts this knowledge to work




This knowledge was inspired by the 4 States Of Consciousness information in my previous work.  I study this knowledge of how the universe works every day and meditate on how to use this power to make this a better place than how I found it.

In invite all of my readers to do the same.  There can be no greater rewards than knowing that your life matters and counts for something in the over-all fabric of space-time and in accordance with how our Creator envisions it - moment by moment.

My state of consciousness - and hopefully yours too - tells me that the world is on a crash course towards total destruction because our methods of choosing our leaders and the dumb in-effective, in-appropriate, ill-advised and always overly-expensive solutions to the world's problems just make them all worse and are designed to enrich those who sell them to our leaders to force upon us and in this manner they earn commissions for working for these special interests.

This is how ObamaCare was created - making President Obama the richest and most successful Insurance Salesman in history.  The only problem is that there are THOUSANDS of better ways to solve any health care crisis - starting with prevention of diseases.  BUT instead of preventing cancer and the other expensive diseases - they SPONSOR and SUPPORT the spread of cancer through other Special Interests such as the OIL companies and the DRUG COMPANIES - thus making ObamaCare seem like a good idea - when they are the CAUSE of the PROBLEM in the FIRST PLACE.

This is also the METHODOLOGY used by our Government to KEEP ISIS IN POWER - we could wipe these little foes all out in five days if we wanted to - but then who would the gun, jet fighter, tank, machine gun, bomb etc. manufacturers sell their products to if the world were in constant state of PEACE?



Saturday, June 11, 2016

In the country of Bhutan - they are going for the Gross National Happiness

Bhutan strives each year to make its citizens happier and happier, until they achieve their nation's highest degree of happiness.  Let the world try to compete with that.

This morning I'm probably the happiest I have ever been in my life.  So, I started to wonder what it is about life that makes us happy and if the goal of our lives should be to reach a state of happiness that surpasses even the happiness of our childhood just prior to the time when we leave this planet?  In other words, is it the nature of our lives to reach the highest and best point in our lives when we cross over to the other side?  Do we take our consciousness with us?  And, if we do, wouldn't we want to make it to the other side of the universe with the very best knowledge, intention, satisfaction, sense of adventure and fulfillment that we could possibly achieve and be at the apex of our journey when this adventure of the flesh comes to its inexorable end?

This morning, this thought about the measure of my happiness slowly emerges from the morning clouds of my meditation and into the tiny little corners of my mind.  Like a seed, it takes root and is being nurtured by the mineral-rich soil of my life's course down the long and winding river of time.  I think that at this point, I am the happiest I have ever been in my life and how lucky I am to be able to admit that here to all of my readers who's eyes have landed on this page today.  I am the happiest I can be and I doubt there will be a happier being inside this old skull than the one that resides there now.  I can only wonder about how many other beings on this planet are able to say that to themselves when they get to be my age.

I'm hoping it's the largest majority of beings who can say that they are happier and happier every day to the point that their greatest feeling about the future is that this trend will continue until they finally reach their ultimate happiness just moments or even seconds prior to the point of their deaths.  When these bodies are put to rest, when my body is finally put to rest, it should release the essence of this life-long hoarding of happiness into the electronic state of consciousness from whence it came and where it can be recycled into the parties newly invited. 

Thinking along these lines, I wonder if there may be a correlation between happiness and a longer life.  In other words, does Consciousness give us more time in this physical existence when it realizes that one has achieved a certain level of happiness that it wants or needs to be redistributed at some point to the rest of the universe?  There are studies that come to mind that bear this out, that indeed, the happier you are in your life, the longer you will live.  It's as if the elements of Nature are conspiring to keep you alive to farm your greater happiness to be re-used somewhere else, to be seeded into more and more of the next generations.

And yet sadly, if we look around at the world we inhabit at this present time, the vast majority of our kind don't seem to be very happy at all.  We are attacking each other, bombing and murdering each other at a steadily increasing rate to the point where we are all buying weapons to defend ourselves against what we feel is a growing threat all around us.

How could these two trends exist on the same planet at the same time?  How is it that we instinctively want to be happier and happier in our lives so that we can pass this energy on to our progeny and yet at the same time in history we are hell-bent on finding more and more ways to make ourselves as unhappy as we can, to the point of murderous and vicious rage towards one another?  This is the great dichotomy of our time.

I don't know if I have any real solutions except to say that this murderous and vicious rage ends with me and I will only tolerate people as such as I had in my home last night - tolerant, loving, generous and happy souls like mine to be near me from now on.  Having had one of the happiest times in my life, I went to bed very pleased with the over-all trend of my life towards greater and greater happiness and when I awoke, I enjoyed the birth of these ideas about how my happiness is like a great concerto.  

Our lives have an opening melody that is full of promise.  There is a drum-beat that keeps our nose to the grind-stone so that we know the benefits of working hard towards a goal.  Our lives have a middle opus where we get the bulk of our work done, becoming who we have always wanted to be or die trying.  Then, there is a climaxing crescendo of harmonies that alerts us to the fact that we're getting near the end of life, closer to the point from whence we came and we begin to look back and wonder if we did everything we could have done, or if we would change anything in the earlier follies of our lives to make it seem better at the end.

For me, closer to the end than the beginning, I am finding a happiness and a satisfaction such that I never knew would be possible when I was young or if I did, I would have measured it in terms of material success, things that I could count, put into a building, or a structure or an invention that would make life easier for my children.  Instead of all that, I believe I leave a legacy of having reached the highest form of happiness that any human being can attain and for that I am eternally grateful to my Creator.  And shouldn't the entire planet be ordered and ruled by the likes of the rulers of Bhutan so that as many of us on this planet at any given time can feel the same way too?

And you, my dear reader?  What do you hope to achieve?  If I have caused you to put even the slightest effort to raising your consciousness to the highest and best it can be prior to your leaving this place - or even to the degree that you tell yourself that you may consider it some day - I am ecstatic. If you are also filled with the desire to carry this great standard beyond your own existence and share it with others, this ecstasy of life could reach to infinity and beyond.

I say - let's all go live in Bhutan.  Let's explode out of there and expand this highest goal of mankind to every nation.  Let's make Bhutan the ruler of the free world instead of the half dozen nations who rule over it today with bombs and boots on the ground, instead of plows and harvesters and bins overflowing with food and peace, hope and understanding?  

On this day of my greatest happiness in life - and hopefully yours - let's make a commitment to extend Bhutan's great standard of 'Gross National Happiness' as far and wide around this planet as we possibly can.  Let's make every human being on this planet the happiest they can be before they pass from this place and I promise you the greatest energy in the form of payback and Karma this part of the universe has ever known or possibly will ever know.

Toward these ends, I have given you
The 4 States of Consciousness - you need no other tools. 


One last thing:  I recently discovered that the universe is vibrating at 2.7 Septillion cycles per second.  This means that every cell in your body is also vibrating at this same frequency.

Here's the formula to prove it: Uf=c3

The Universal field theory then is that the frequency of universal vibration is the speed of light multiplied by the speed of light squared or the speed of light cubed.

I have a new book coming out in a few months on this subject and it will blow your mind - literally.

That's far too fast for the human eye to catch and far too fast for any of our instrumentation to catch at the present time.  But, if you really think about it - and attempt to be in harmony with this universal flux - you may find it to be just as wonderfully exciting to know this as I am.

SO YOU and everything else in the universe is vibrating all in unison to this amazingly fast tone.

This formula could also be read ad U, which stands for you or I or anyone else in the universe has the same potential of the speed of light x the speed of light squared - a huge potential energy.  Use it.

 Enjoy ~