Saturday, May 7, 2016

Putting the 4 States of Consciousness to work

I have decided to demonstrate to the world the power of the 

4 states.

First a quick lesson in Quantum Consciousness.

There are four states of Consciousness in our universe - they are:

  1. The Electronic State
  2. The Rotational State
  3. The Vibrational State
  4. The Feedback Loop
The first state of Consciousness is launched whenever two electrons get together inside an atom and become entangled.  One atom will remember the state of its partner (soul mates) for eternity.  When someone in the Feedback Loop - basically any life form who has attained the 4th state of Consciousness - disturbs one of these married electrons, the one that is not disturbed by us will know and reverse its own state to maintain the entangled but opposite spin.  You can separate these two soul mated electrons for thousands of miles and they will know the altered or disturbed state of its mate and change its own state of spin immediately.  Time and distance have no impact on the knowledge that these two mated electrons have for one another.

This property of the electron does not go away when it combines with other atoms.  Nor does it go away when atoms combine to form molecules.  Human beings are 100% composed of molecules.  Therefore, the consciousness of the electronic state is passed all the way up through the other two states of Consciousness to us.  

But not only do humans display the properties of Consciousness.  All life on this planet or any other planet will also share the same consciousness.  Just as electrons are all exactly alike - clones of the spin of energy that makes them what they are and what they do - Consciousness is not a changeable thing.  The same form of Consciousness that electrons possessed is possessed by us.  The same Consciousness possessed by your pet dog or cat is the same Consciousness possessed by us.  The Earth, the Sun, the stars, the galaxies and the ants and bees and birds and us all share the exact same form of Consciousness.  Consciousness does not come in flavors.  Do not confuse Consciousness with intelligence.  Humans are indeed more intelligent than apes.  However, our Consciousness is the same.  Consciousness is merely the awareness of one's existence and no more.  What we do with this the most powerful force in the universe is where the difference in species and life forms manifests.

If enough of you take my Free Course and give me some FEEDBACK - becoming a more responsible member of the Feedback Loop - I will continue to create free ADVANCED lessons in Consciousness here on this BLOG.

IF enough of my readers become aware of this newest discovery in Quantum Consciousness and helps spread the word around the world - there will arise from this part of the universe, the greatest increase in energy state ever known.  What we will accomplish from that point forward will be astounding.

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