Friday, May 13, 2016

Obama wants kids to choose their bathrooms

The World is Collapsing economically and the greatest NUCLEAR threat since World War II looms on the horizon and yet President Obama today is pushing for the nation's school children to have the right to switch bathrooms.

We have to DO SOMETHING to SAVE THE WORLD - ENDING SOON - but President Obama is focused today on a Transgender bathroom policy just to piss people off in his own country.  

WHY?  What is their game in Washington D.C. today?  Is it to keep our attention on the TRIVIAL so that they can ROB US BLIND?  Stealing our greatest asset - our HEALTH, WELFARE and SAFETY ~

I put this question to the American People.  This is a REPEAT of a couple years ago, when ISIS was chopping off heads all over the Middle East and Obama sends 4,000 troops to Angola to fight the Ebola Virus.  No troops were sent to stop the ISIS beheadings.  Only 4,000 troops to the opposite end of the world to fight a virus.  SPENDING TRILLIONS AGAIN in the wrong fights.

AND the worst part is that the American people merely stand by and watch as the greatest nation on the Earth is torn to shreds right before our eyes.


AND there is a SOLUTION to their FRAUD - PUT IT ALL ON THE INTERNET for the people to DECIDE.  To gather up all the AMMO you need - to help SAVE OUR WORLD - 

FIRST READ My New Book The 4 States of Consciousness and then Read an older book of mine -  The Doomsday Watch - DO THIS NOW or you have no one to blame but yourselves when they complete the job of destroying our planet ~~

THEN - read The Doomsday Watch - HOW we can GET OUR COUNTRY BACK by putting it on the INTERNET - Let REAL DEMOCRACY Rule Us - instead of their IDIOTIC and expensive IDEAS.

My Fellow Americans - and world citizens - We have only a NARROW band of TIME to FIX our SITUATION - and then it all goes up in a HORRIFIC FIREBALL of destruction.  North Korea, ISIS, Iran, China, Russia - all determined on DESTROYING this planet.  What can YOU and I DO about it?  LOTS - you have to LEARN about how - NOW.

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