Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Universal Wave Theory

This blog will announce to the world the frequency that the Universe vibrates to.

I can now present to the world - the mathematical formula for the frequency of the universal wave, or the Universal Wave Theory.

Where U (f) is the frequency of the wave of this universe or any universe and 'c' equals the speed of light and 'c2' is the speed of light squared.

Before we explain why this formula is so important, let's explain how it came to be.

We know now that everything IN the universe impacts us in wave energy.  Everything from the smallest particles in the universe like the electrons, protons, neutrons, quarks, gluons (no kidding there really is a gluon deep inside the nucleus of the atom and it acts just like glue) and then all the way up the ladder of reality to the biggest things we see in the universe, planets, stars, galaxies, even our own bodies and minds are all composed of wave energy.

This fact led me thinking that perhaps the universe itself is formed by wave energy.  Then, just as I was thinking about it - this formula just came to me.  If the universe is vibrating around at some type of frequency, it must be a very small one, much smaller than light or any other wave length that we know of.  Then, it hit me that the frequency would have to be based upon the speed of light because light is created in the crucible of the universal furnace, so the wave energy of the universe itself would have to be much more energetic than light or any other wave energy.

Thus, this formula because it also uses the direct proportion of matter to energy that Einstein introduced us to in . . .

E = mc2

Where energy of anything is equal to the mass it contains multiplied by the speed of light squared.

Since energy and matter are really just manifestations of something that can be transformed by the speed of light into one another, then it is logical to assume that the universe itself - the actual womb of all lower forms of energy - is based on this same relationship.

Thus my formula which puts the energy level of the universe at the speed of light multiplied by, not simply the mass of an object, but multiplied by the speed of light squared.

This works out to be a HUGE NUMBER:

1st - The Speed of Light Squared is approximately (rounding off) 90,000,000,000,000,000 meters per second.

OR put another way about 90 Quadtrillion Cycles Per Second.

This number, by the Einstein Equation for Matter to Energy represents ONLY the relationship between matter and energy.

To arrive at the relationship between the universe, the mother of all energy and matter, you have to multiply this number by the speed of light ONE MORE TIME.

This NUMBER comes out to:

2,700,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 c/s

OR 2.7 x 10 (24) c/s

NOW, you have the frequency of the Universe or the number of times that a wave of energy hits a point in the universe in one second.

This is almost an unimaginable number of times that a wave is hitting you smack in the face and it's so rapid that we may never devise a scientific instrument sensitive enough to verify if I'm right, unfortunately, but the confirmation may come in a circumstantial way just as Einstein's theory of gravity was proven by observing, with a very basic telescope of the time at the eclipse of the sun.

But this does explain why things appear to be SOLID in our reality, when in fact, everything is formed up in waves of energy.  Nothing is really solid.  Everything is flickering before our eyes, but in such a high frequency that to our eyes, retina and brain, which vibrates at far slower frequencies - seems to be a solid piece of reality.

Some of you are asking, how did I arrive at this formula and this would be a very good question since I am not a professional physicist or scientist in the traditional sense of the word.  I am a deeply conscious person, however, and this formula simply came to me while I was experiencing the VIBRATIONAL State of Consciousness.

I write about all 4 States of Consciousness in my latest book - The 4 States of Consciousness and I invite anyone interested in the ultimate knowledge of who we are, where we came from and where we're all going to examine these concepts at your earliest convenience.

When you induce the Vibrational State into your life, anything can happen.  This state of Consciousness is what you feel when you are really grooving to your favorite music, or when you look at a perfect sunset, or you feel something for a lower animal such as your pet dog or cat, or even a goldfish.  The Vibrational State of Consciousness is simply your being vibrating to the waves of energy that other parts of the universe broadcast, this means any living or even a non-living object because we know now that everything has consciousness and vibrates to its own music at all times.

It's helpful to have a formula that you can refer to at any time that you enter the Vibrational State - creating a state of mass construction - just as it is helpful to have Einstein's formula in mind when designing a weapon of mass destruction.

I'll leave you with that thought because it sums up everything in the book quite nicely.

From this author's perspective, I have just now launched a creative bomb in your mind.  Let's see what you do with it.  Get yourself into the Vibrational State of Consciousness as soon as you leave this blog.  Keep a picture of this formula in your head.  (It helps if you print it out and place it just below your computer monitor or paste it to the back of your smart phone.  

Then, listen to the vibration of your own heart.  Feel the vibrations of your brains neurons and synapses, your own little internet of connected computers inside your skull and put them together in some kind of harmony.  The music will get you vibrating at a slightly higher state of energy.  This is the Vibrational State of Consciousness.

Then , take this state of being and work on any problem you may be having in life and see if this doesn't improve and/or completely reverse into the most promising opportunity for you.


This is the key.


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