Sunday, June 5, 2016

My Birthday Blog

It's my 69th year on this planet and the magic of it

 all continues.

On my 69th birthday, I'm starting to realize the full impact of my discovery of the 4 States of Consciousness.  The magic is now coming to me in waves.

I see everything now with a completely new set of eyes.  I can hear things, smell and taste things like never before.  I can feel things that used to be untouchable fall right into my lap.  I can also say things that well up from the soul without fear of retribution or rejection.

The other day, I was driving along the beach and I saw something in the sky that was very special.  It was one of those moments we all get when everything seems to be clicking along perfectly in your life and even the sky is your best friend.  Ravel's Bolero came over the radio.  Do you know the piece?  It was featured in the movie 10 a couple decades ago and it starred Bo Derick as the perfect "10" and Dudley Moore as the poor slob who is smitten the first time he sees the most beautiful woman in the world walking along the beach.  If you haven't seen the movie, you must see it soon.  Produced by the same guy who gave us the Pink Panther.  Great movie, but the best part of the movie is the song Bolero because it is one of the most sensuous pieces ever written.  The beat, the slow melodic pounding hasn't left my head even today.

But enough about me, here's where it gets interesting.  What happened to me yesterday is simply part of the magic of the universe.  You have to realize that your life is an ongoing magic show in which you are the star performer and all you have to do to make the most of it is to know how the illusion works of which you are a part.

We are all composed of electrons and other little bits and pieces of the flotsam and jetsam that the universe is made of.  It's all the same stuff and it all obeys the same laws of physics.  The most important law of which is that we all know each other.  Since it has become a known fact of Science that electrons can know about each other, and since electrons then pass this quality of the soul on up the chain of command to all living creatures through the power of induction - we can now say with complete certainty that we all know each other too.  It's just a matter of expanding one's consciousness to the point where your mind can literally tough another person's mind.  It happened to me yesterday and that was all the proof I needed.  I thought about something for my next book and the sky showed me it was listening.  I will never forget this day as long as I live for it confirms for me the theories that I have been writing about in all of my books, but most especially in the 4 States of Consciousness.  

All of the atoms and molecules that compose your body are recycled from someplace else and they gather up into your personage as you are conceived and continue to grow throughout your entire life.  When you pass from this life, the same molecules break down into the atoms that were borrowed from the universe and passed on up the chain to you.  Your Consciousness, however, does not dissolve away as some atheists would have us all believe.  We can say this now with complete certainty also since there is a law of Physics known as the 'Conservation Of Energy' which simply stated is the fact that energy is neither created nor destroyed, but just transformed.  So, as all of the energy that you put into your life is remembered by your sub-atomic self, it must also be passed on as part of the Consciousness of the Electronic State of Consciousness - the first known state of Consciousness.

In my book, I explain how the Electronic State of Consciousness is passed UP to us.  In my next book, I will explain how the 4th and highest state of Consciousness - you and me and everything we become in this life - is passed back down the chain of command when we die and is preserved for all eternity in the Electrons, the Protons, the Neutrons, the Gigatrons, the Gluons and Neurons of this physical universe.

But, for now, just remember that you now have all the evidence you need to know how the illusion works that is your daily reality.  You now have the secret to the master-magicians greatest tricks.  This means you are now armed with all the information you need to make the trick work for you, instead of the audience alone.

It may help for you to go now and listen to the song Bolero.  You can find it here if you don't possess a copy.  To me, the music of all man's music that best describes the universe and the illusion of you and me and everything else.  It's all about the incredible surprise ending.

I've had the soundtrack playing in my headphones as I write this birthday blog, the first gift I give to myself and you today.  I will be moving, speaking, listening, driving, eating, drinking, thinking to the beat today while wondering if, and hoping that, you will be doing the same.  

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