Thursday, December 22, 2016

4 States of Consciousness - inspired a new larger work - Uber Religion - Expletives Deleted.

People ask - Where is the PROOF?  Now there soon will be PROOF - A Call to the Top Physicists of the world.


This book will BLOW your MIND - Review This Book and Lose Your Drug or Alcohol Addiction - A TOTAL NATURAL HIGH ~

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Newer Improved Version of my Original 4 States of Consciousness - Uber Religion Just Released

Based on the 4 States of Consciousness - Do the Old-Time Religions hold water TODAY?

Since Marijuana has become legal in dozens more states recently - and since opiates of one kind or another are now PRESCRIBED to over HALF of the American POPULATION - this book may represent the new 'Higher Consciousness' better than any other.  It may also be the first book that millions of us should read when stoned.  I have come to this conclusion because the science that I've included is best viewed from a completely open mind where one's Consciousness is raised to the highest state you can manage.  And, when an individual is high on Cannabis, there really is no higher state of Consciousness that can be achieved, at least for most of us.  Some will say that this suggestion puts this book out of bounds for anyone under the age of twenty-one, the official legal age in most states that have legalized Marijuana and I would have to agree that this may be a hurdle for anyone who has not yet attained the legal age of consent.  But, if you are old enough to imbibe in an area where this herb is legal to use, I would recommend you do so before opening up the first page.  If not, I advise you to wait to reach the legal age, or if you are unfortunate enough to live in a state that has not yet made the magic herb available, I advise you to move to a state that has in order to read this book in the proper frame of mind.  

I am introducing this psychotropic element into my work at this point because I believe that the concepts in this work need to be ingested quickly and appreciated fully by a large number of our population as possible or else all may be lost.  I believe that in order to reach the speed necessary to avert a total disaster, we need to open the powers of perception of this critical number of people, the vast majority of us need to be as high as we can get.  Only in this state will most of us be able to wrap our heads around the fact that everything in the universe is conscious of itself, including all parts of the sub-atomic world.

The truth is that Science has recently discovered the God Particle, the most basic and fundamental wave of energy that there is and the fact that sub-atomic particles have "Super-Memory" or Consciousness of their place in the universe.  This Revolutionary new book is all about a potential New Religion - Uber Religion based on the 4 States of Consciousness now a Scientifically Proven Paradigm.  When you realize how you are connected to the universe in this way - composed of the tiniest things in the universe that compose everything else - you will be amazed and the knowledge of this phenomenon will rock your world.  And without the aid of the psychotropic nutrients, I don't believe that most of you will get it all in time to save us all.

If you have ever wondered if there is a God, what path he wants you to take, how you as a living entity are constructed from the tiniest forms of Consciousness right on up to your own, where you have come from and where you may be going in your life and what role destiny and fate play in all of this - this is the book for you.  The most amazing thing about all of the latest scientific evidence, by the way, is that it is truly very easy to understand.  This, in itself, is mind-blowing.  None of this information is difficult to understand because the author has done bent over backwards to make these somewhat complex ideas of Quantum Physics and Evolution very easy to grasp with no more than a High School Education necessary to see into the most incredible and amazing realms out there from the infinitely small to the infinitely big.

Besides using the magic herb to enhance your abilities of perception, you may also want to pick up some Uber Religion related apparel, gifts and other items at our web site - - to help promote these ideas to the general public as well as a memory aid to yourself.  Ideas like these need to be nurtured, cultured and aged in the mind before they reach their ultimate potency in your brain.  If you don't choose to get high on the herb, you can use the ingredients in this book to achieve the same results in your mind.  For most of us, it may be a little more work - that's all.