Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Zinc Spark - The First State of Consciousness Now Uncovered - what I call the Spark of Life - Now Proven Scientific Discovery

New evidence of my theory has surfaced in the last few years.  Researchers have now discovered something called 'The Zinc Spark and what I call 'The Spark of Life'.

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At the point of conception of all mammals, including humans of course, there is a release of light from 15 - 18 billion Zinc atoms and all of it within about ten minutes after the sperm penetrates the egg and the human is created. The Spark of Life produces you and everyone else. 

This is very exciting news because it validates the fact that the 1st State of Consciousness, the Electronic is clearly introduced into our beings at this precise moment.  The Electronic state of Consciousness, at this point in our lives induces the next state of Consciousness, the Rotational State.  We now have photographs of the actual event.   

 The moment of conception

The above is an actual photograph of the event when the Electronic State of Consciousness is transferred into the human animal, actually, actually into all mammals because all mammals derive from eggs seen above.  (I believe all living things experience the 4 states of Consciousness, not just mammals.  We have yet to have evidence of anything other than in mammals, however.)

The energy from the 'Zinc Spark' is transferred all around the egg and starts the 'Rotational State of Consciousness all within minutes from conception.  The Vibrational State of Consciousness happens as the animal is old enough to perceive the universe around him or her via the five sense organs.  Our resonating to the music of the universe in ways to be discussed, produces the third state of Consciousness, the Vibrational State.  The Vibrational State of Consciousness, in the final stage of the closed loop of energy flowing around in the universe induces the 4th and final state of Consciousness - The Feedback Loop. 
The Feedback Loop state of Consciousness is your awareness of this book, and all other events in your life as you report them back to the Source of your energy, the Creator.  Whoever, or whatever the Creator is or where he hangs out is not the subject of this book. 

We can infer that a Creator exists because the design of the universe as discussed here is a simple circuit through which all Consciousness must flow and the end result is a form of Consciousness which wants to give 'Feedback' to the universe almost everything it is experiencing.  This is the 'Feedback Loop' and is the strongest evidence that some one or some thing invented the Laws of Physics for the sole purpose of creating this system of learning about what has been created by those who were created by these electronic circuits, and at the ultimate end of the process of Creation can even create circuitry that mimics those of the Creator. 

In a follow-on book to this one, I explore the possibilities of using the energy that is produced by the Electronic State or - 'Maxtricity'.  This book can be found at - 'Maxtricity.com'.  It's an excellent follow up to the information you are gathering here.

AND for anyone who DOUBTS Quantum Entanglements - This Article in Scientific American puts the finishing touches on whether or not Einstein was correct to doubt it.  He was not correct.  Quantum Entanglements are PROVEN and our next generation of the Quantum Internet will bring it all home.