Sunday, August 27, 2017

Never Fear - The Greatest Force - is HERE - Learn how to USE IT - Free For A Limited Time ~

The Greatest Force is HERE - Learn How To Use It


Here's an Excerpt:

"All of the Four Fundamental Forces in the universe, which are Gravity, Electromagnetism, The Strong Force and the Weak Force are all simple manifestations of The Greatest Force, the progenitor of all things that are needed to happen in the universe.

It is in fact, the need for these common forces to happen in the universe wherever and whenever they happen that is the reason that The Greatest Force exists.  It is the Force-Need, that creates the four fundamental interactions that occur in our universe and that we witness on a daily basis and take for granted that proves the existence of The Great Force.  Out of this need comes the fulfillment that a Force such as Gravity, or The Strong Force, the two most obvious forces, can arise.

From the greatest need comes the greatest fulfillment.  From even the smallest need, the same great force is also applied but just in lesser quantities.  The lesser quantities of The Greatest Force exist inside of us at every moment, but because they are so small, we take them for granted most of the time.  When we realize the way that the smallest amounts of this force are joined with the largest amounts of The Greatest Force, it becomes our source of our highest magnitude of Consciousness.

This is the Unified Field Theory that Albert Einstein new had to exist in our universe but he was not able to prove it mathematically and he died without proving the most important part of his Theory of Relativity.  We have proven here that there really is only one Force in the universe that produces all the others that are known to us and that we utilize in our daily lives in copious quantities.  But, we have done so by not relying on the mathematical proof because there is no math that can prove infinity.  Instead we rely on pure logic and the evidence all around us."

The Book will detail the Following Timeline

Why is it important for anyone to study the origin of the universe?  Because it's like looking over the events in your own life.  The information gleaned from the past helps to guide you in your future.


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