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Crowdfunding Project For 'Mind Control' an Oculus 3-D Multi-Player Game

December 20, 2017

Santa Cruz, CA – An Indiegogo Project to create the world's first Oculus 3-D Artificial Intelligence Multi-Player game.

"Humanity is stuck presently in the mire of 'Single-Player Games' and our planet's survival is in danger because of it.  Luckily, we have the technology today to unite every human being in a continuous 'Multi-Player Game' where the oppression by 'Single-Players' will finally be ended so that our species can evolove more naturally and the human mind can evolve to its next highest state of our Evolution," said, Michael Mathiesen a Best-Selling Science writer living in Santa Cruz, California. 

Artificial Intelligence is soon to overtake the capabilities of the human mind.  Will it be used for good or evil?  We have no answer to this monumental and unprecedented question because we are relying on the planning and development of AR by peopple who are dedicated to 'Single-Player' games, the basic economic foundation of the modern state.  The age-old devotion to the success and comfort of the individual has brought us to the brink of extinction due to the squandering of the Earth's resources to such an extent that we are now experiencing a mass extinction as never before while the breathable atmosphere of the planet is changing to toxic levels never known.  This while our global weather is becoming more and more hostile to human life.  Single-Player governments and social institutions all around the world are criminally doing nothing to stop or reverse this dangerous trend and are actually doing more and more every day to exacerbate it. 

This project will provide a platform where 'The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.'  The new Mind-Control: A 3-D Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) Multi-Player game will quickly spread globally.  It will capture and control the minds of billions on this planet in ways that will manage our resources in a just and sustainable manner.  This may be the only way to guarantee the survival of our species and all those upon which we depend. 

Crowdfunding for this project is found at:

Proposed by best-selling author:
Michael Mathiesen


Michael Mathiesen
444 Meder St.
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Office: (831) 420-0107
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