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Saturday, October 27, 2018

The Future of Cars - The Future of Government - The Future of the Planet is HERE AND NOW contained in my new book!

I'm going to ask you a favor now.  I have a new book - Autonomous Government - IT NEEDS READERSHIP and REVIEWS from folks LIKE YOU!

INTRODUCING ALTERRA - THE INTERFACE liason, Ombudsman of the new system of making laws, rules, policies and REAL SOLUTIONS.


We will soon have autonomous vehicles to drive us safely where we want to go.  Why not use the same technology to drive our society where it wants to go everyday?   More safely?  More efficiently?

The main thesis is that humans have done such a ridiculously inadequate job in guiding society, so it may be time to try something new, something that is an artifact of our own minds, something that can be programmed to make far fewer mistakes than any human or any group of humans.

I know - sounds crazy.  But, whenever I have my own doubts, I think about where human leadership has brought the world.  We're on the brink of extinction.  Thousands of species are going extinct every day.  And yet our leadership keeps making pro-extinction statements and have been all my life.  The way I describe Alterra, in the book, the face of the Autonomous Government - she is a very attractive guide, a mentor, female energy - and an interface for most people to learn and give their feedback into the system.  We could build thousands of copies walking around all over the world and living with us in every community every day, not gathered around a single building in Washington, where they forget about common sense.

Somewhere, the next generation of computers, the ones that Ray Kurzweil says are coming and will be smarter than the human brain - are making trillions of computations per second about how to keep the planet's ecology balanced, while also serving the needs of the vast majority of humans.
I see this as a new kind of freedom.  Too many people spend too much time being involved in politics.  Why do we have to spend so much time and money on the management of our country and the world?  It really could be something we could automate and free up our time to spend in enjoying our lives a whole heck of a lot more - don't you think?

IF we're going to allow robots to eliminate millions of jobs, as they are doing, whose job should go first?  In my opinion, it's the jobs of those who brought the world to the brink - a completely and universally observed incompetence whose jobs should be eliminated first.  Let's let a Robot brain do the work of making the rules and policies.

In the book, I detail how we would control this device so that it could not go the way of Science Fiction movies where they want to eliminate us and terminate us.  I detail how the 'Algorithm' would be programmed with the Four Laws of Robotics - (I added one) and most importantly, I talk about how she would be far more protective of the planet and its continued survival for thousands of years to come - what I call the 'Prime Directive'. 

Too much Star Trek for you?  We need more Star Trek tech in our lives, in my opinion.  Look, I'm pretty sure GOOGLE., Amazon, Facebook etc. are going to deliver some form of this system to us over time, via Alexa, Cortana, Siri, etc.  It's just too logical and too easy for engineers like these.  Most people don't even bother to participate in our present form of government, so this opens the door.  I can see these artificial intelligences evolving to something like my Alterra. 

We MUST OPEN the process to the minds of all of us, not just the computer engineer community because it's the 'Wisdom Of The Crowd' that I hope will become the major heart and soul of this thing, not just the nerds.

Hope we can begin that discussion somewhere IN YOUR NECK of the woods

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