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Friday, May 29, 2020

When police abuse, assault or kill citizens they are sworn to protect - what have we become?

I can't continue my work without commenting on the murder of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis.  It's on VIDEO - there is no doubt of this TERROR ATTACK against another one of our citizens.

The current rioting in Minneapolis is very disturbing AND VIOLENCE OF ANY KIND IS ALSO NOT ACCEPTABLE - SETTING FIRE TO THINGS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.  But - this kind of OUTRAGE IS totally understandable when you consider all of the incidents over the last few years of white police men killing black citizens AND THEN NOTHING HAPPENS TO THE MURDERERS.  Over 150 CASES of OFFICERS KILLING BLACK FOLKS and only 5 have been CONVICTED of a crime.  AND they keep getting away with it as if there is an open order somewhere to murder as many people of color as possible.   Why?  How do police organizations justify this behavior?  

ALL FOUR OF THE COPS WHO HELPED MURDER GEORGE FLOYD SHOULD HAVE BEEN ARRESTED IMMEDIATELY.   Simply enforcing the law would have prevented so much chaos - not needed especially during a GLOBAL PANDEMIC.

We've all seen the video of this policeman who has forced the citizen George Floyd to the pavement and is holding him there with HIS KNEE ON HIS NECK - WHILE THE POOR MAN IS HAND-CUFFED with hands BEHIND HIS BACK so that he could not resist in any way - and keeps his knee on the neck of this citizen for 8 MINUTES IN SPITE OF THE FACT THAT HE IS BEING RECORDED AND PROTESTERS are yelling at the Police to STOP THE ACT OF MURDER that is going on.  With 3 OTHER OFFICERS jumping up and down on a totally restrained and calm man on the ground.  

AND we had just witnessed how 3 white men in Alabama were hunting Ahmoud Arbery as he was simply out for some exercise.  They shot him to death on VIDEO and the prosecutors in that county were NEVER GOING TO ARREST these murderers until the PROTESTERS got loud enough to FORCE them to do the right thing and these white racists are now in jail.  

Just a few months before this - COPS break into an apartment and SHOOT AN UNARMED BLACK WOMAN EIGHT TIMES and KILL HER and no one was going to JAIL for that murder until protesters GOT LOUD ENOUGH to SHAME THE PROSECUTORS - what kind of DOUBLE JUSTICE SYSTEM do we have in this country - DON'T YOU KNOW that if the murder victim were WHITE - the COPS would have been arrested IMMEDIATELY!!!


NOW - George Floyd is telling them that he can't breathe.  The policeman continues to keep his knee on Floyd's neck, WITH HIS HANDS IN HIS POCKETS as though this is just another casual thing going on - even while citizens are YELLING AT HIM to STOP.  He refuses and helps Floyd to die right there on the street.  Fellow Americans - POLICE HAVE NO SPECIAL PERMISSIONS to murder us!  They are supposed to PROTECT US and KEEP US SAFE - the murdering cop should have been arrested that same DAY - not five days later, after they allow the city to burn.  

IN ALL CASES OF COPS SHOOTING UNARMED CITIZENS - THEY SHOULD BE ARRESTED IMMEDIATELY.  If it proves later they are innocent, then they can be released - but while we investigate these POTENTIAL CRIMINALS - like any criminal - they go to JAIL to hold them to keep the rest of us SAFE.

IF this man had resisted arrest - IF this man was under suspicion for a heinous crime and arrested by the police - we might be able to understand the anger and resolve of the police to arrest a real criminal.  But Floyd had been arrested for potentially passing a counterfeit 20 dollar bill.  The store owner even told the police that Floyd may not have even known that he was passing a counterfeit bill because it looked genuine.  The store-owner called the police because it was his duty to get to the truth.  If he knew his customer would be murdered by the police for potentially passing a phony twenty, I can guarantee you that he would have eaten the loss and allowed poor George Floyd to live another day.

Is there anyone out there who disagrees that if George Floyd were a white man, he would have been given a ticket or at least investigated if he was intentionally passing a bad bill.  Most likely the police would have given a white man a 'WARNING' and he probably would have replaced the bad bill with a good one as soon as he learned that one of the bills he had been given somewhere was bad.  Is there any doubt in your mind that a white man would have been given the benefit of the doubt and the incident would have barely been recorded.  A black man, for potentially not knowing that he has paid someone with a bad bill, is murdered instead and this is NOT ACCEPTABLE in a civilized society which we like to be called.

Our society is NOT civilized until and unless everyone, regardless of the color of their skin can walk the streets of America without fear from the police.  We will never be civilized until we've driven this racist consciousness out of our world - FOREVER!

We have to start asking ourselves - Why are some of us AFRAID of someone, or CHALLENGED by someone who has a different skin color?  Are we that insecure?  What can the rest of us do to help those who feel this kind of insecurity?  Let's start to tackle this problem to eliminate it before we destroy ourselves.

    Maybe we need to RE-DESIGN the human being.


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