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Sunday, November 22, 2020

Check Out my new Cover - Extinction Live - Watch the Extinction of the Human Race (Ugh! - "Extinction Sucks" Albert Einstein

My new Cover - Extinction Live - 

If you have noticed how the Earth is dying, you may want to peek into the very near future with this well-known Science Fiction Author - who may pick up the Nobel Prize in Literature or for Physics due to the ground-breaking Science of the future that you will encounter.

IF ENOUGH HUMANS peek into the future of our planet, there is still a chance that we can avert the final catastrophe, but the clock is ticking.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

PRINT BOOK - Extinction Live - Watch as the Human race goes extinct LIVE as it happens - Science Fiction or Science Fact? You be the judge.

 Extinction Live - Watch extinction of humans as it happens to us.  

Go SpaceX - Please hover your mouse over the image of the Book Cover Above, click on - SAVE IMAGE AS - to your own device and then upload it to all of your social media pages - IF you want to PROMOTE the salvation and redemption of our species.

IN the world's first evolutionary challenge of human Consciousness, we are watching the extinction of the human race as well as the extinction of all life forms on planet Earth.  Can we stop our rush into Oblivian?  Only your next moves will reveal the answer.  Unless we all start to steer the ship away from its present course, it will sink with all life forms on board.

READ the book that is the greatest Science Fiction Thriller of all time because it's also happening in real life.  As a predicter of all future events for Earthlings, you want to know about them as they happen.




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