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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Anyons Discovered by Science today - Two-Dimensional particles that can come to life in our brains causing Two-Dimensional thinking

 We don't have to ask why some of us only have Two-Dimensional Thoughts.

Anyons are two-dimensional particles that are formed under highly irregular conditions.  I believe that highly irregular conditions are taking place in our area of the universe because there is far too much Two-Dimensional Thinking.

Two-Dimensional Thinking can be recognized as thinking that doesn't travel outside of a binary - "right or wrong" limited logicality and rationality.  In other words, when you are thinking in Two-Dimensions, which means you can only ponder if something is right or wrong according to your own measurements and interpretations of what is right or wrong, your mind could be clouded by these newly-discovered type of atomic particles - the Anyons, who only allow you to think this way.

In thinking in Three-Dimensions, you break out of simple "Right or Wrong" rationalization and you open your mind to think about other opposing views and you consider them as you would want your own beliefs to be considered by others.

"Anyons are different. If one moves around another, their collective quantum state shifts. It might require three or even five or more revolutions before the Aanyons return to their original state. This slight shift in the wave acts like a kind of memory of the trip. This property makes them appealing objects for quantum computers, which depend on quantum states that are notoriously fragile and prone to errors. Anyons suggest a more robust way to store data."  From Astronomy Magazine

In my book, I suggest that we have found Consciousness in the Entangled Electrons who never forget about their partners.  This is what I call the 1st State of Consciousness.  However, I also realized at the writing of this book that probably some day, we will find the property of Consciousness in all of the smallest of particles.  Today, we have proof that the memory property of the 'Anyons' may be good enough for a completely new line of computers that - as we all know - chew up as much memory as they can get.

It has been my life's work to learn more about the universe and how it works in order to uncover more of why and how we were created in this place and what our obligations are to give back for this wonderful gift of life that we are given.

In "The 4 States of Consciousness", a book I authored several years ago, I believe I have laid down a viable NEW path of scientific discovery about our brains and how they are connected to the universe that penetrates and surrounds every atom, every molecule of our life.  

Even the smallest life forms and even the smallest particles in physics that we have uncovered in the last few years have all exhibited a tendency towards CONSCIOUSNESS.  Consciousness is NOT EXCLUSIVE to just humans.  We are ALL CONNECTED to everything else by this wonderful magical force.  AND I HAVE PROVEN THAT THEORY.  

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