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Monday, June 24, 2019

My New Book - A Science Fiction Thriller about the Tipping Point.

Get my latest book - Science Fiction

The book PROVES Einstein's Unified Field Theory

And could win me the Nobel Prize in Physics as well as Literature.

What happens if they came and got your brain to experiment on?

Movies like Star Trek, Star Wars, 2001 - A Space Odyssey, Alien, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Forbidden Planet, Jurassic Park, 1st Contact raise the Consciousness of the human mind to be able to accept completely new realities and universes.
In Brain Drain, we have a story that will transform into a wonderful motion picture experience like no other.  Humanity is now at a cross-roads as never before.  We will either be extinct in a few decades OR we will all reach the right state of mind to effect all the changes we need to correct our present course in the heavens.  
When they took Einstein's brain out of his skull after he died, they investigated the anatomy of this amazing brain and they learned some things about how the brain of this great thinker, perhaps the greatest thinker of all time, worked better than most of us because he was simply granted with more brain cells than the rest of us.
In this book, we examine the mind of the brain donor, not just his anatomy, and we learn how some of us are able to think light years ahead of everyone else.  Ironically, Einstein believed that there was only one force in the universe and in his later life proposed the Unified Field Theory, which tells us that everything is connected by this one force and direction in the universe.  
Einstein could not prove his last and greatest theory.  In our story, the Unified Field Theory is not only proven but demonstrated.  Einstein would have proven his theory if he had the aid of a new number that we need to plug into the famous Cosmological Constant, which Einstein hoped was the key to our future.  It's a new number that is so simple, anyone can use it in their own lives to control whatever it is that vexes them.  And our civilization can use it to win the war against ignorance and intolerance, social injustice, inequality, aggression and even megalomania.   




Saturday, February 9, 2019

Everyone laughs when I mention that I want to see a ROBOT as our next President of the United States - until they hear more.

I just watched Elizabeth Warren give her big candidate for President Speech.

I like Elizabeth.  She lives near where I was born in Natick, Massachusetts.  


When you listen to ANY of their speeches this year, ask yourself the same question.  They're going to list the numerous problems we have in this country.  Realize these are the SAME PROBLEMS we had decades ago.  These are the SAME SPEECHES made over the years by ALL CANDIDATES - so then ask yourself.

"WHY CAN'T THEY SOLVE ALL OF THESE PROBLEMS WITHOUT ME?"  I can't do anything about them.  ONLY GOVERNMENT can do things about our problems..  SO WHY DON'T THEY SOLVE THEM?

Warren said - "I'm going to eliminate STOCK TRADING While you're in office.  HOW is that NOT ALREADY ILLEGAL?"

I think most of us are SHOCKED that trading stock while in Congress is not yet ILLEGAL.  SO, I would ask Ms Warren - "DID YOU EVER INTRODUCE ANY LEGISLATION TO ABOLISH STOCK TRADING WHILE IN OFFICE?"

And, the answer would be 'NO'.  AND even if she had introduced a bill to ABOLISH STOCK TRADING while in office, she would have to get it past MITCH McConnell, a guy who probably has millions in stocks, despite the obvious conflicts of interest.  THAT bill will NEVER come up for a VOTE - because one person somehow has gained all of that power over the rest of us.

A ROBOT DOESN'T CARE about getting re-elected.  They don't care if they make money or not.  They don't care if you love them and idolize them.  Robots don't care to remain in office for the rest of their lives.  

AND, just like we can program a ROBOT to VACUUM our FLOORS, BUILD and now even DRIVE OUR CARS, a ROBOT can be easily programmed to solve our NATIONAL PROBLEMS as fast and economically as possible - would follow its instructions and SOLVE THEM in FIVE MINUTES.  

SO - why not elect a ROBOT to the highest office in the land?

AND they will someday look like this . . . 

Robots are LOGICAL. They have no EGO.  They could not care less about money, power, glory or even sex.  They only follow their instructions.  If the instruction set is GOOD ENOUGH - they cannot fail us.  Humans have failed miserably and we all know why - AND NOT ONE OF US COULD DO ANY BETTER if we're human because we all have an EGO.  We all like money, 
power, fame, glory and sex.  We humans are totally disqualified to hold power over the rest of us.

TRUST ME ON THAT ONE - Well, maybe if JESUS CHRIST comes back, but this time he would have to TAKE CHARGE.  Can we afford to wait that long?

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