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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Green New Deal - Beats the Hell out of any other idea floating around out there.

Green New Deal - Help Save The Earth


Before it's too late.

The Green New Deal is the only Future for all of us that allows the Earth to remain a successful place where life can exist.  We cannot be ruled by the elite millionaires and billionaires.  It's evolution and it's an Uber extinction for Amazon books and Audible is not far behind.  Udemy Course is the best Science lesson you will ever know.  Get into Space and Time and the rest is history.  

The Green New Deal is a set of provisions that do not go far enough and CONGRESS will never actually get them passed into law.  My additional material will make the Green New Deal fast, safe and effective and able to actually solve the problem of imminent mass extinction of all life on Earth.  We need YOU to help us get there by working with us NOW - TOMORROW is too late.

There is evidence TODAY that Global Warming is happening EVEN FASTER than we had previously believed.

I personally moved NORTH in my state of California over 30 years ago, because I noticed the temperatures in Southern California getting warmer and warmer.

I may have been one of the early folks in what they may end up calling the GREATEST MASS MIGRATION OF ALL TIME when humans move all over the planet in search of food and water.

We're already seeing millions of acres of farmlands flooded, burned and frozen in the great BREADBASKET of the WORLD - the great Farmlands of the United States.  In the rest of the world, the trends are the same.  We're loosing our farmlands.  When waters rise to their topmost in about 30 years to 50 years, ENTIRE CONTINENTS may be GONE and we could be left to cling to a few MOUNTAIN TOPS that remain above water.

My Science Fiction Novel gives you a better way to view this most horrific of predictions.

BUT REALITY is STRANGER than any Science Fiction.

Monday, June 24, 2019

My New Book - A Science Fiction Thriller about the Tipping Point.

Get my latest book - Science Fiction

The book PROVES Einstein's Unified Field Theory

And could win me the Nobel Prize in Physics as well as Literature.

What happens if they came and got your brain to experiment on?

Movies like Star Trek, Star Wars, 2001 - A Space Odyssey, Alien, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Forbidden Planet, Jurassic Park, 1st Contact raise the Consciousness of the human mind to be able to accept completely new realities and universes.
In Brain Drain, we have a story that will transform into a wonderful motion picture experience like no other.  Humanity is now at a cross-roads as never before.  We will either be extinct in a few decades OR we will all reach the right state of mind to effect all the changes we need to correct our present course in the heavens.  
When they took Einstein's brain out of his skull after he died, they investigated the anatomy of this amazing brain and they learned some things about how the brain of this great thinker, perhaps the greatest thinker of all time, worked better than most of us because he was simply granted with more brain cells than the rest of us.
In this book, we examine the mind of the brain donor, not just his anatomy, and we learn how some of us are able to think light years ahead of everyone else.  Ironically, Einstein believed that there was only one force in the universe and in his later life proposed the Unified Field Theory, which tells us that everything is connected by this one force and direction in the universe.  
Einstein could not prove his last and greatest theory.  In our story, the Unified Field Theory is not only proven but demonstrated.  Einstein would have proven his theory if he had the aid of a new number that we need to plug into the famous Cosmological Constant, which Einstein hoped was the key to our future.  It's a new number that is so simple, anyone can use it in their own lives to control whatever it is that vexes them.  And our civilization can use it to win the war against ignorance and intolerance, social injustice, inequality, aggression and even megalomania.   




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