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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

My latest book since 4 states - proves my theory of Consciousness and puts you in charge of your own fate.

   . . . BUT we must ACT FAST - not a card trick~

Get the 1st Edition:  Suggest Edits to the AUTHOR - Give it a REVIEW - Help get more of the 'Good Universe' (GU) over here to our side (BU)

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Monday, April 5, 2021

My new Audible Book - Available Today

 Audible Book - The Blockchain Government - Engineering The Future



From the Author of The 4 States of Consciousness

There are four and ONLY four States Of Consciousness

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How the Cosmic Consciousness of the Universe finds its way into our own basic chemistry of life.  

It's now known that Electrons can get to KNOW each other and partner up for life like swans and some humans.  How do they do this?  With the Electronic state of Consciousness.  It gets better from there.

The latest and most current scientific discoveries in the areas of human Evolution by the Human Genome Project, in Quantum Physics with the discovery of the God Particle and Astronomy in the discovery of thousands of other planets in the nearby universe who may harbor life - all comes together in this course about how and WHY the universe was created the way it is - basically a giant machine to create life and get feedback from all forms of life everywhere. The four states of consciousness are: The Electronic - It all starts with the electron. The Rotational - Electrons band together to create molecules. The Vibrational - Molecules in turn communicate to create US. The FeedBack Loop - Essentially all life in the universe including you and me.  Since the discovery of the fact that Electrons can come to know one another and marry a partner electron for life, I have become the world's foremost thinker about Consciousness and what it all means to the average person.  Entangled electrons and other sub-atomic particles were the start of this line of thinking, however, it is now almost a certainty in mind that everything in this universe is entangled and it starts here.

Now looking back from a few years since the writing of this book, I have found that my theories are proven to be true.  Science has just discovered that first form of life on this planet, the geo-bacteria actually eat and digest electrons.  This simplest and most fundamental life from, upon which all other life on Earth has descended takes in its energy from the electro-magnetic forces that power your computer or phone where you are reading these words now.  How do they do this?  UNKNOWN at this time, but it has been observed and it means that the first form of consciousness comes from the electronic energy that powers the universe.  When your food is digested, it is turned into energy by the bacteria in your stomach and intestines.  That energy is then wired up to your brain by your electric cabling system, your nerves, especially the Vagus Nerve.  The energy conserved your food items is then converted by your brain to your thinking processes, your breathing, heartbeat, arms and legs, eyesight, hearing, touch, taste, everything about your life - especially your CONSCIOUSNESS is produced by the energy conversion of your neuronal network, your brain and transmitted all over the brain at the speed of light and involving billions of neurons that will encapsulate and frame the thoughts that go bounce around in your mind and become the true essence of your life and all of its endeavors.  We're talking here about the First State of Consciousness, but it means that all four states have come around to full circle, does it not?  Because the first state has made it's way up to the fourth state of consciousness, your mind, by way of the intermediate states of Consciousness, the Rotational and the Vibrational states.  

Since writing this book about these four states of Consciousness, I have theorized that there may be many more states of consciousness that go many levels below the Electron particles in a smaller and smaller configuration and many levels above us in other life forms on billions of different planets around the universe.  This is just a guess at this point, but as Science discovers more and more of the properties of the sub-atomic particles and the astronomical bodies, we will probably learn that all of these systems portray a form of consciousness that is unique to this level of activity.  Therefore, before one passes from this physical body, it is imperative that one should learn about the infinite states of Consciousness that take place everywhere in the universe all at the same time because at the death of the frail human body, our own state of Consciousness is united with all the rest and the knowledge contained in one's exiting constitution of life is what may make all the difference in how our next life form is chosen. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Anyons Discovered by Science today - Two-Dimensional particles that can come to life in our brains causing Two-Dimensional thinking

 We don't have to ask why some of us only have Two-Dimensional Thoughts.

Anyons are two-dimensional particles that are formed under highly irregular conditions.  I believe that highly irregular conditions are taking place in our area of the universe because there is far too much Two-Dimensional Thinking.

Two-Dimensional Thinking can be recognized as thinking that doesn't travel outside of a binary - "right or wrong" limited logicality and rationality.  In other words, when you are thinking in Two-Dimensions, which means you can only ponder if something is right or wrong according to your own measurements and interpretations of what is right or wrong, your mind could be clouded by these newly-discovered type of atomic particles - the Anyons, who only allow you to think this way.

In thinking in Three-Dimensions, you break out of simple "Right or Wrong" rationalization and you open your mind to think about other opposing views and you consider them as you would want your own beliefs to be considered by others.

"Anyons are different. If one moves around another, their collective quantum state shifts. It might require three or even five or more revolutions before the Aanyons return to their original state. This slight shift in the wave acts like a kind of memory of the trip. This property makes them appealing objects for quantum computers, which depend on quantum states that are notoriously fragile and prone to errors. Anyons suggest a more robust way to store data."  From Astronomy Magazine

In my book, I suggest that we have found Consciousness in the Entangled Electrons who never forget about their partners.  This is what I call the 1st State of Consciousness.  However, I also realized at the writing of this book that probably some day, we will find the property of Consciousness in all of the smallest of particles.  Today, we have proof that the memory property of the 'Anyons' may be good enough for a completely new line of computers that - as we all know - chew up as much memory as they can get.

It has been my life's work to learn more about the universe and how it works in order to uncover more of why and how we were created in this place and what our obligations are to give back for this wonderful gift of life that we are given.

In "The 4 States of Consciousness", a book I authored several years ago, I believe I have laid down a viable NEW path of scientific discovery about our brains and how they are connected to the universe that penetrates and surrounds every atom, every molecule of our life.  

Even the smallest life forms and even the smallest particles in physics that we have uncovered in the last few years have all exhibited a tendency towards CONSCIOUSNESS.  Consciousness is NOT EXCLUSIVE to just humans.  We are ALL CONNECTED to everything else by this wonderful magical force.  AND I HAVE PROVEN THAT THEORY.  

Monday, December 28, 2020

Best Audible Book that I've ever produced - AVAILABLE NOW

  The Audible Version of Extinction Live is available TODAY.  Heard a GREAT book lately?

 - Watch the Extinction of the Human Race - LIVE as it happens.  Not for the squeamish or the faint-hearted -

LISTEN to a classic Sci-Fi novel while at work or play.

  We're going through the early stages of the greatest mass extinction in the evolution of life on planet Earth.  The first to do are the birds.  IN America alone we've lost over 7 billion birds in the last few years.  Their disappearance continues as the planet heats up.  Next will be the bees.  They are already hurting and fighting for their lives.  

No one is able to even slow it down.  Our Government has been ABOLISHING ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROLS over the last fifty years that have worked to slow down the final day of reckoning.  Exxon/Mobil recently announced that they will be increasing their emissions of Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide by 20% over the next few years.  Car Manufacturers are still selling us cars that pour more than 10 TONS OF CARBON DIOXIDE INTO THE EARTH'S ATMOSPHERE EVERY YEAR.  HOW?  WHY?  Just so that their top executives can take home MILLIONS and even BILLIONS per year in salaries and bonuses?



WHO will they sell their products to when we're all GONE?

What do they use in place of BRAINS?


Lucky for all of us, there is a science fiction author who believes he has all the answers through a highly laudable colonization of MARS (Being prepared by NASA, SpaceX and Elon Musk) where they learn how to reverse the damage to their home planet by way of GENE EDITIING two very important and CONSCIOUS BEINGS - Fungi and TREES.  No, I'm not kidding.

These lessons of how to terraform a new world is brought back to the Earth in a most unexpected way - an alien and highly advanced form of intelligence from the Alpha Centauri system - also taking place today.  (Read About Exoplanets.)  There is other life out there and it may be reaching out to us.

If you like classic science fiction in the genre of Arthur C. Clarke, Jules Verne, Robert Heinlein, Kurt Vonnegut and other classic sci-fi writers this book may be for you.

NOT for the squeamish as you will witness the final moments of all human life on Earth and it ain't pretty.


Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Check Out my new Cover - Extinction Live - Watch the Extinction of the Human Race (Ugh! - "Extinction Sucks" Albert Einstein

My new Cover - Extinction Live - 

If you have noticed how the Earth is dying, you may want to peek into the very near future with this well-known Science Fiction Author - who may pick up the Nobel Prize in Literature or for Physics due to the ground-breaking Science of the future that you will encounter.

IF ENOUGH HUMANS peek into the future of our planet, there is still a chance that we can avert the final catastrophe, but the clock is ticking.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

PRINT BOOK - Extinction Live - Watch as the Human race goes extinct LIVE as it happens - Science Fiction or Science Fact? You be the judge.

 Extinction Live - Watch extinction of humans as it happens to us.  

Go SpaceX - Please hover your mouse over the image of the Book Cover Above, click on - SAVE IMAGE AS - to your own device and then upload it to all of your social media pages - IF you want to PROMOTE the salvation and redemption of our species.

IN the world's first evolutionary challenge of human Consciousness, we are watching the extinction of the human race as well as the extinction of all life forms on planet Earth.  Can we stop our rush into Oblivian?  Only your next moves will reveal the answer.  Unless we all start to steer the ship away from its present course, it will sink with all life forms on board.

READ the book that is the greatest Science Fiction Thriller of all time because it's also happening in real life.  As a predicter of all future events for Earthlings, you want to know about them as they happen.




The Jupiter Sun - The Greatest Achievement in Human History - AVAILABLE NOW in AUDIBLE BOOK - FREE if you setup a new Free 30-Day Trial Acct.

The Jupiter Sun - Saves The Planet Having a 2nd Sun in the sky is possible because Jupiter is a huge and safe Nuclear Fusion Reactor in Spac...