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Thursday, May 26, 2022

My latest book - My Cosmic Brain - On Amazon NOW - What's in my Cosmic Brain needs to be consumed by your cosmic brain - Let's GO - Here's to the 2nd Big Bang.

  My Cosmic Brain - by Michael Mathiesen 

New Science Fiction for those who yearn for a better future.  It's coming!

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My Cosmic Brain is a Science Fiction Novel where in the very near future, my hero discovers the 2nd Big Bang after placing his brain inside an aquarium for further scientific study.  In this state of Consciousness - the highest form ever recorded, he is able to 'see' without his eyes and instead sense a world beyond your wildest dreams.  

My Cosmic Brain - New Science Fiction Novel that predicts the 2nd Big Bang - BIGGEST, BEST, HOTTEST new book to hit the market now on Amazon - Audible (Soon) and Google Books. 

IF I told you there is a 2nd Big Bang and it's coming at us right now - would you believe me?

New Science Fiction (Fact?) GOES LIVE 



 AUDIBLE BOOK of My Cosmic Brain coming in Mid July could be sooner - Come back OFTEN, for the LINK

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GIVE A GOOD REVIEW - and the 2nd Big BANG may HIT to you FIRST~!
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I'm going to try to POST NEW EPISODES DAILY for a while and then cool off to weekly at some point - so CHECK this new PODCAST ADDRESS OFTEN and you may be rewarded with new information about myself and my Cosmic IDEAS



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At the moment, I have all the information regarding the 2nd Big Bang almost exclusively inside of My Cosmic Brain.  Until we get it freed up and into YOUR Cosmic Brain, all may be lost for the Human Race.  You can only get the information into your own Cosmic Brain by grabbing hold of this book and reading the Hell out of it! 

If you read or listen to 'My Cosmic Brain' I'm going to teach you about how the world as we know it is rapidly drawing to an end.  But not because of the reasons hitting our news media today.  There's a much more powerful reason for us to gently come to a screeching halt.  But, have no fear because another far better world is roaring around the bend in the form of an event never seen before in all the annals of Time.  It will replace the fear and hate and desperation of our time on Earth with a new genetic composition of all life on the planet so that we never have to compete for our survival again. 

AND - all of this will hit you over the head with the biggest bang of your life. In most science fiction novels and movies there is always the requisite love story built in but never fully presented in terms of the real life that we know.  In this book, however, we have a real love story that wraps around the latest scientific discoveries of our day, but blending them in the only way possible that can shed an enormous amount of light on both elements of our being. 

If you are an Astronomy buff, or if you are a Quantum Physics enthusiast, this is the book for you because the facts of My Cosmic Brain unifies both fields in such a way that will expand your consciousness far into the infinite and beyond. 

This is not a misprint.  There is something coming to the Earth that is beyond the infinite and My Cosmic Brain is now part of it.  Join with it and you may discover a profound understanding you wouldn't have found reading or listening to anything else. 

If you’re more than five years of age, or graduated from fifth grade, you've probably heard about The Big Bang, but do you know what it is, when it happened and what happened as a result? 

Do you also know that a second Big Bang, what scientists are calling the Bride of Big Bang is also just over the horizon?  Can you imagine what that that means to the 1st Big Bang?  Go ahead, Try. 

The year is 2045 and something truly wonderful is about to happen. 

The entire universe is changing.  The biggest, most important scientific discovery in history has a twin.  Uncovered by a man who had lived in the fringes of Science and yet makes the discovery and receives the Nobel Prize for it.   

This is his third Nobel.  The discovery will lead to the most amazing future for not only our world, but every other world in the universe as well.   

When this thing hits, it hits with a force never seen before.  When it hits, it changes our understanding of Science itself and more of the music that makes up the universe is exposed.  It's the answer to our prayers and will put Humankind in the position of the greatness and confidence we have always deserved, but never reached it. 

We must be part of the SOLUTION vs. part of the PROBLEM.

But 'My Cosmic Brain' is not just a Science Fiction novel.  At its core, it's actually a love story.  But, it's not like any other kind of Love Story that you've read or seen in the movies.  Oh no, this is about a much higher kind of love and if you don't live under a rock, you've experienced it once or twice in your life.  Maybe more.  You just don't remember it. 

What you are about to read is one of the most inventive and creative stories ever conceived.  It's all based on the latest discoveries that the greatest scientific machinery and equipment has ever been utilized before.  The news of these events is traveling quickly around the world, but it may not be fast enough to save the planet. 

In My Cosmic Brain, the solution has been building for a while now.

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Saturday, March 5, 2022

JOIN the TERRAIST Movement - The New Economic System for the Metaverse - Coming on EARTH DAY - JOIN UP to help SAVE THE PLANET ~!

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World's First Terraist Event


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Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Terraists are out to SAVE THE EARTH. Get Terraizing TODAY!

 Terraists Take Over The World


INTRODUCING - The New ‘Terraists’

In order to HELP SAVE THE PLANET - we need YOU to become a CONTRIBUTOR and FOUNDER of the New Economic Model - ‘TERRAISM’ - outlined below.

terraism, terraist, terraists, save the planet, save the Earth,

Instead of rewarding those who help DESTROY our beloved planet, the real ‘TERRORISTS’ it rewards those who help SAVE THE EARTH - the real ‘TERRAISTS’.

The more saving YOU DO - the MORE YOU EARN. Not SOCIALISTS either because you must DO THINGS to lower your or someone else’s Carbon Footprint in order to EARN.

It’s called ‘Terraism’ - a new economic model and jobs market where participants are rewarded for lifestyle changes that lower their carbon footprint, while also influencing others to lower theirs.

The Problem:

We are all becoming more and more aware of the gradually increasing negative impacts of Climate Change caused by Human activity. Every year, the summers are warmer and warmer and winters are colder and colder while the weather delivers more and more catastrophic events every year.

Many scientists are now telling us that we may be living in a period of time known as the ‘Tipping Point’, a point of no return, where no matter what we do as a society, it will be too late to reverse the worsening greenhouse gas accumulation that will end in our total suffocation and extinction as a species.

Under our current economic model of almost complete unregulated emissions of greenhouse gasses by the producers and distributors of fossil fuels, such as the continued exploration and mining of Oil, Natural Gas, and Coal, there is little hope that our society will be able to halt all production of same in time to save the planet. There is simply not enough cooperation by the general public to boycott such goods, because there are little to no incentives to do so, and there are not enough job opportunities for those in the fossil fuel industry to make an important switch to an alternate, more sustainable way to support one’s family.

Therefore, there may be little to zero time left to begin a new type of economic model that encourages a significant portion of society to wean themselves of their daily behaviors that contribute to the problem of CO2 released into the atmosphere and actually makes the participant a Netzero to a negative producer of greenhouse gasses, thus helping to push the world away from the Tipping Point and giving us all hope.

The economic model I envision would be based on a method of verification of any organization, family or any individual reduction in their Carbon Footprint in order to obtain credits that can be used like money to further their progress in the world.

However, instead of promoting the monetary wealth of the organization, family or individual, the system would promote and support the health of the planet, with the interests of the individual subordinated to the planetary interests for generations.

The Solution:

I am proposing to design a system that instead of being based on the DOLLAR or other currencies is based on Carbon Reduction Credits. (CRC’s). The more CRC’s the organization, family or individual acquires through their activities, their ‘Jobs’ in the new economic model, the more secure they become in the way of food, housing, travel, etc., but all of this improved lifestyle would itself be based on sustainable usage of energy and food that is consumed.


A family can provide proof that they have all agreed to become vegetarians by showing grocery store receipts for enough plant-based meat products to supply all of their demands for protein over the course of a month, or for the year.

OR it could be that only one member of the family has committed to go completely vegetarian or to at least replace one meal per week with plant-based proteins.

Each credit could be based on the planting of one tree since this activity has a measurable and constant positive impact in reducing greenhouse gasses which can be measured. One CRC, therefore, may be equal to one new tree being planted somewhere on the planet, or one tree, or acres of trees being saved from destruction somewhere on the planet.

There are numerous organizations already in place who can provide these services, and who are already providing such services on a large scale such as One Tree Planted - OneTreePlanted.org, and Global Citizen (GlobalCitizen.org).

PLEASE NOTE: Part of the grant money would be used to determine the precise relationship in CO2 reduction as per the elimination of meat protein by an individual at a given age. Most other relationships for an altered behavior in terms of C02 prevented, reversed or sequestered would also be determined.

After attaining all of this data and establishing practical working numbers, a value can be placed on the activity of this family member or the entire family in changing their diet to plant-based proteins. Once verified, these data results in an appropriate CRC credit into their account for use in acquiring other things they need in their daily life.

Under such an economic model, the rewards for doing the right thing for one’s planet, gradually exceeds the former financial rewards in terms of dollars and assets that become less and less favored while CRC’s become more and more favored and even more valuable.

Even greater credits can be paid out to families, organizations, or individuals who rid themselves of a gasoline powered vehicle and exchange it for an electric powered vehicle and such transactions are verified.

Again, grant money will be used to determine the exact computation of gasoline not used, and thus CO2, not produced into the atmosphere over time that such a transaction would produce for that individual based on past usage of gasoline for that individual or organization.

Example No. 2

An entire job classification that is detrimental to the health of the planet such as Fossil Fuel exploration, transport, retail sales, can be gradually phased out of existence and all the jobs therein replaced by jobs and even investment opportunities that rely on sustainable forms of energy like Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Hydro-Electric and perhaps even a new Nuclear Energy that has conquered the current problems of catastrophic radiation leaks and contaminated water.

One or more of the workers in the Fossil Fuel Industry is enticed over to work in the Solar Industry due to progress being made in the transferability of the CRC’s. It is determined that CRC’s are at a level that competes with the older forms of monetary rewards for work performed.

This person or group is able to convince many others to leave the Fossil Fuel Industry and over a fairly short period of time there are no longer enough workers in the Fossil Fuel Industry to produce significant amounts of these harmful products.

The person or persons who influence others to leave a detrimental occupation and switch to a sustainable future type of occupation would receive the most CRC’s and give his or her family a greater financial and economic stability than those who remain in the detrimental Industries or occupations.


A homeowner or business converts his heating and air-conditioning from a fossil burning furnace and grid-tied air conditioning system to a heating and cooling system based on Solar panels. This event is easily verified with receipts and other supporting documents from official agencies.

The amount of fossil fuel energy not required to heat and cool this building over the next ten, twenty, thirty and even forty years is easily calculated and then converted into hard cold CRC’s that are then paid into the account of this individual or organization.

Let’s be clear that Dollars saved and government tax incentives in this area are another incentive for people to do this kind of thing as they are doing in record numbers today.

However, the combined effort of all the homes and businesses that are converting under these dollar based incentives is not enough to save the planet. We are still sliding past the Tipping Point due to other factors in the economy that overwhelms all of the individual ‘good’ things we attempt at this time.

There is even talk in my state’s government to remove rebates made to homeowners that convert to Solar Power to power their homes and replace these incentives with taxes and fees imposed on homeowners who put panels on their rooftops.

Obviously exactly the wrong thing to do at this time, the government has yet to appreciate the danger lurking on the horizon for all humanity. This is what we have to suffer even now due to the economic power of the polluters and the influence of money on the management of the planet.

We must break the back of this kind of thinking and replace it with a consciousness that is Earth First and individual greed LAST.

By making every individual person and entity on the planet more and more aware of the advantages of joining the new economic model and helping to defeat or at least marginalize the old one, we have the greatest chance of changing the basic system of greed and lust for power.

Economic Benefits for the Early Adopters

Besides earning more and more CRC’s, the organizations or individuals who get in early by officially offering their events into the system and having them certified beneficial AND their descendants should also be rewarded with more Credits than people who get in at the tail end of the economic system when things are brought down to sustainable living conditions and the threat of extinction is completely gone.

Because this is such an urgent need - In order to give people the encouragement to join in the new economic model sooner rather than later, part of the grant money will be used to design an investment plan that is based on a percentage of a participant’s Credits that are converted into a crypto-currency that could amount to a huge asset that most people are not able to achieve under our present economy.

This would be given to everyone and assets set aside or withheld from the participant to provide for the participants safe retirement. As in the present Social Security System, assets are sequestered and set aside to accumulate in a safe investment portfolio that gains in value over the long term.

This is a major component of the new economic model because it is conceivable that many more Carbon Credits will be earned by early adopters than later adopters because in the early years, it will be much easier to locate waste and egregious harm being done to the environment and the means to reverse the harm will be easier to adopt by the offenders. This means that early adopters could earn huge amounts of CCR’s that would someday become extremely valuable. Yet, most people may be convinced to slow down in their efforts as soon as they have earned enough of them and some of them are wasted credits.

By taking an increasing percentage of extra CCR’s and segregating them into a government regulated retirement fund for participants, as Social Security funds are now treated, would allow anyone to put aside surplus credits for their future and their descendant’s future.

In this new economic model increasing the economic security of citizens increases the security of the planet.

A sense of urgency:

I would use the grant funds to partner with others who are already doing amazing things to help save the planet such as One Tree Planted, the Citizens Climate Lobby and Global Citizen. Together, I am confident that we can achieve the goal of creating this bold new economic model and launch it in time to save the planet - but only if we are allowed to get started now.


In one iteration, the CRC’s that are verified could be done so in a Blockchain. When verified in this manner, literally a second time, they could be mathematically converted into an appropriate amount of Cryptocurrency created for this purpose.

As mentioned above, part of the grant funds would be used to determine the most productive mathematical formula that equates real Carbon reduction in pounds per year that is converted to an appropriate amount of Carbon Reduction Credits sufficient to incentivize nearly everyone to strive to earn more and more of them.

As soon as this mathematical formula that can be a reliable measure of someone’s verified carbon footprint reduction per event over time is configured and tested, it can be used to convert into precise amounts of crypto-currency given to participants automatically as part of the ‘Smart Contract’ held within the Blockchain and delivered to the participants digital wallet instantaneously, a huge incentive for more and more people to participate.

This series of events can be considered as the method used in ‘Mining’ the crypto-currency that is used.

With the continued success and adoption of such a model, it could also push the value of this CRC based Crypto-currency into higher and higher values as we have seen other Crypto-currencies acquire even without any substantial or useful basis.

Bitcoin, the progenitor of this type of digital currency uses huge computer server farms that today require many megawatts of electricity to produce one bitcoin. There is nothing of value that society can use in the production of Bitcoin and it produces thousands of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere to produce the coins, yet the value of this asset has gone from pennies in conversion value to around $40,000 each as of the time of this writing.

Bitcoin miners are now scrambling to install solar power plants to power their computer server farms, hoping to give their industry a better grade in terms of environmental impacts. However, even if all of the Bitcoin server farms were converted to 100% solar power generation, they are still using sustainable energy production that could have been applied to something more useful to society. So, even though they are attempting to become more socially responsible, it still takes thousands of kilowatts of electricity production and fossil fuels just to manufacture each solar panel that is installed.

Using this system and method described above, mining of crypto-currency can be pegged to the adoption of behavior that simply lowers the Carbon Footprint of the participant, making the underlying rewards far more beneficial to society since they don’t require any energy to mint and in fact, have the net effect of taking CO2 out of the atmosphere whenever they are mined.

Part of the grant funds will be used to issue such a Crypto-currency as described above in what’s known as an ICO, (Initial Coin Offer) for the purpose of incentivizing the most beneficial behavior from the most number of people just in time to save the planet.

terraists, terraism



Wednesday, December 1, 2021


The God's Hand Nebula 


zentanglements, zen, buddha, consciousness, meditation, zen physics, astronomy, evolution



Get The Audible Book


zentanglements, zen, buddha, consciousness, meditation, zen physics, astronomy, evolution

The day that I completed my previous book - The One Of Hearts - I was out in my backyard celebrating.  When I looked up in the sky, I saw the CONFIRMATION of my theories up to that moment.

There it was the DNA molecule formed by clouds above my head.

13.7 Years AGO Science sees The Big Bang - Creating EVERYTHING we see out there

BUT, BEFORE THE BIG BANG, something was lurking in the darkness and PREPARED the WAY

AND IT WAS and STILL IS . . . .

zentanglements, zen, buddha, consciousness, meditation, zen physics, astronomy, evolution

This new book is intended for anyone who has asked themselves the question - "Who created this amazing, wonderful, awesome universe or Why?"  Or "What is the meaning of life?"  Or "Why was I put here on this planet?"
People have asked this kind of question for thousands of years and now with the publishing of this book - the Human Race finally has a gigantic new answer.  

I found these answers by simply doodling one day.  I had never had any confidence in my drawing abilities, but in a kind of Zen meditation, the drawings in the book almost drew themselves out of the Cosmos and landed on the paper.  They also allowed me to pull out of them, the words that are now printed here.  They told me so much, I decided to print them on canvas and on art paper and put them up for sale as collateral materials for the book.  .    

Through these Zentangled drawings, I am the discoverer of the Three Laws of Consciousness the only laws in the universe that cannot be disobeyed.  They are important for us  to understand because without the Laws of Consciousness - all the known laws of Physics cannot exist and everything would be in total Chaos.

I am the discoverer of the Three Laws of Consciousness.  They are important for you to understand because without the Laws of Consciousness - all the known laws of Physics cannot exist.

Zentanglements - The Three Laws of Consciousness For Smarties
explains the culmination of thousands of years of human evolution and scientific discoveries and where it comes from.  

When you finish reading this book - and if you've absorbed the lessons therein, you will know more than Albert Einstein did when he died in 1957.   We say that everything is Zentangled and that means everything and everyone.  If you have ever been stirred by the creative forces inside you or wanted to be so stirred - this book could unleash that power in you and it is the intent of the author to do just that.


Monday, November 22, 2021


  If you do nothing else take this course - or at least take a look at the Free Preview.  - Then take the course.  

SOME of my illustrations are listed as NFT's.



My House From the Satellite - Zentangled

Zentanglements - The Three Laws Of Consciousness For Smarties (Tm) 

by Michael Mathiesen


7 Day Auction

It may be surprising, even amazing to you, as it was to myself that the Three Laws of Consciousness have never been uncovered until now. It's something that the wisest among us for thousands of years have been trying to define them. I believe they had to be revealed at just the right moment - just before we kill everything we know and love on this planet.

After reading this book I guarantee you will know more about the universe than Albert Einstein did when he died in 1957 

NOW you can VIEW my latest Zentangled Artwork at my Web Site

My Zentangled drawing of your average Galaxy

zentanglements, the zen of quantum physics, for smarties

What's the meaning of this?


"Atomic Collage"

My impression of the God Particle

The Zinc Spark announces each and every one of us into the universe.

NOW, you can have the Zinc Spark Collage hanging in your LIVING ROOM!

 - My Illustration of the Milky Way Galaxy -

Can you guess what this is a Zentanglement of?

Zentangled Yin-Yang, Zen, Zentanglements

Zentangled Nobel Prize Winning Mathematical Formula

Zero to the power of Infinity = Any Number in the Universe

The Force In Star Wars?  

Cover of a Previous Work of mine - Extinction Live 

The Milky Way Galaxy in Collision with the Sagittarius Cloud


I designed this for my driveway and then it became this Zentangled work of art 

My collage of a Picasso Masterpiece

4 strokes of the pen - Count 'Em

What does it all mean?

- You need the book -

' Zentanglements - The Three Laws Of Consciousness For Smarties'  (Tm) 





Wednesday, November 17, 2021

New Book - Zentanglements, The Three Laws of Consciousness - Take the online course

  If you do nothing else take this course - or at least take a look at the Free Preview.  - Then take the course.



My House From the Satellite - Zentangled

There is no more important thing that humanity can do right now other than raise our general level of Consciousness. If we shirk from this great responsibility, we'll pass on to our progeny a planet so full of problems that there will be no hope for them.

It's the duty of every generation of humans to help give the next generation a more hospitable, more healthy, more beneficial, more peaceful, more prosperous, more just, more sustainable and clean a place to live than the one we were given.

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

The Jupiter Sun - The Greatest Achievement in Human History - AVAILABLE NOW in AUDIBLE BOOK - FREE if you setup a new Free 30-Day Trial Acct.

Supports Any Online Business Get Started Today ~ The Jupiter Sun - Saves The Planet Having a 2nd Sun in the sky is possible because Jupiter ...